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Soul Knight Prequel

An enjoyable, light-hearted RPG

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Game Description

Soul Knight Prequel is a loot farming pixel art action RPG. Slash creatures to increase your power, or team up with friends for treasure against the odds. Our newest ARPG keeps Soul Knight's charming gang of chibi characters while satisfying fans' thirst for additional lore and missions!

The story of the game begins before the events of Soul Knight. Assist the heroes of the magical realm in forming a knighthood, embarking on an epic journey, defeating opponents with every combination of weapons and spells, and finally saving Mystraea from imminent disaster.


Iconic Classes and Unusual Skills

  • Choose from a variety of introductory classes: Heavy hit your targets in the shadows as the Thief, attack with accuracy as the Archer, or channel natural energies as the Witch. It's all out action from the start, yet it's simple to learn!

Make Endless Playstyles

  • The Hybrid Class becomes available when you level up. You can personalize every assault with 12 Hybrid Classes and more than 130 Hybrid Skills!

Gear Sets Can Be Mixed and Matched

  • Over 900 gear parts to improve your build. Start the mob grinder and watch your inventory space vanish in real time!

Join Forces with Your Friends

  • Distance is no excuse for any halt in an otherwise constant stream of hell raising, quest seeking, loot plundering quality time with the bros, with support for both LAN and online multiplayer.

Season Mode to Keep It Fresh


  • Regular updates and season based game types ensure that there will be new content till the end of time. You want action packed, high octane excitement all the time, and we happen to know a thing or two about pumping up your adrenaline.

Relax in a Village

  • Get a style makeover, enjoy a garden, and take a minute to smell the roses before hitting the road with newfound enthusiasm!

Soul Knight Prequel is a dungeon crawling RPG set in a whimsical fantasy world. Get this game right now!

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