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Soul Knight

The world is hanging by a thread. Can you retrieve the magical stone to save everyone from the alien minions?

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Game Description

The mystical stone that keeps the earth in balance is taken by high tech aliens in a time of guns and swords. The entire globe is dangling by a thread. Everything hinges on you getting the mystical stone back.

We simply cannot keep making everything up. Just let's shoot some alien scum!


The controls in this shooter game are quite simple and clear. You'll be hooked from the first run thanks to its incredibly entertaining and smooth gameplay, which combines roguelike aspects.


  • More than 20 different heroes, including a magician, rogue, and elf archer. There is always a choice that fits your playstyle just right.
  • Over 400 weapons, including shovels, swords, and firearms. There are several ways to destroy the bothersome monsters from space!
  • Randomly created dungeons with goblin infested gloomy woodlands and zombie infested medieval chateaux. Raid on a plethora of monster caves, gather loot and bump into various NPCs.
  • Aiming automatically for incredibly intuitive control. You can quickly and easily complete super combinations by dodging, firing, and casting skills. Supported by a controller.
  • There is a multiplayer option! Join your pals online for a cooperative adventure, or gather your group for an offline multiplayer LAN game.
  • A variety of game features and modes. Choose argument over combat? Plan a strategy to survive the tower defense mode's relentless attacks!

A survival action shooter in the form of a pixel roguelike with an offline mode. Take up a weapon, and begin your dungeon exploration!

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