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Sonic Dash

Collect Rings, Crush Badniks, and Run with the Fastest Hedgehog Alive!

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Game Description

Be the Fastest Thing Alive!

There’s only one thing that Sonic the Hedgehog loves more than smashing robots: breaking the sound barrier. Both he and you are going to indulge in that particular activity with Sonic Dash.

Blaze a trail at maximum velocity and see just how long you can keep going before you inevitably crash into one of the many hazards littering Sonic’s world. If running on your own two feet just isn’t enough for you, then unleash a variety of awesome power-ups that are guaranteed to move you up another couple miles.


More than anything else, take in the nostalgic feel of the classic Sonic games while you control the hedgehog in a brand new adventure available for modern-day mobile devices.

The Hedgehog Runs

It just wouldn’t be a Sonic game if you weren’t running at ludicrous speeds. You’ll run, run and run some more all across the planet, dodging all sorts of hazards by the seat of your pants. Your reflexes need to be well honed for this challenge, for there is no braking or slowing down in Sonic Dash. If your sprint ever comes to an end, it’s over!

  • Run through a colorful world that evokes a classic Sonic feel, complete with loop the loops, power rings, springboards, retro music, and more.
  • Play as numerous characters, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Amy Rose.
  • Features fast and responsive touchscreen controls. Stroke your finger upward to leap over chasms, stroke downward to roll under overhanging obstacles, and go left and right to steer your character toward that corresponding direction.
  • Destroy classic Badnik enemies with your jump and spin-dash attacks.
  • Collect rings to protect yourself from Badniks and spikes. Don’t get hit while you don’t have any. Otherwise, it’ll be the end for you.
  • Perform tricks in the air to acquire even more rings.

Set Your Course

Sonic Dash is not a linear adventure. You will be given ample opportunity to change the level up through a few quick decisions. By choosing to go left instead of right, you could end up running through a whole new world. Every level has a distinct feel and its own set of unique challenges to face, so be on your toes.

  • Enjoy a leisurely sprint on the coast of Seaside Hill.
  • Speedily explore the ruins of the Ocean Palace.
  • Wave a hand to the orcas at the beach.
  • Face Zazz from Sonic: Lost World in an epic boss battle.
  • And more!

The Hedgehog’s Got Power

Sonic’s speed and agility is sufficient for seeing him through most situations. For the others, he’s got access to all sorts of cool power-ups. Activating these bad boys will affect your game in all kinds of unexpectedly cool ways.


  • Fill up the Dash Meter by collecting rings. When it’s full, execute a short burst of speed that will allow Sonic to plow through whatever gets in his way.
  • Get the Shield to protect yourself from injury.
  • Acquire the electromagnetic shield to make all rings come to you.
  • Spend your rings at the shop to upgrade yourself in a myriad of ways. Improve the existing power-ups, give yourself a head start, increase the rate your Dash Meter fills up, and more.

Dashing Ahead of the Competition

Sonic Dash is the game Sonic and friends were born to star in! It boils the Sonic formula down to its beautiful necessities by letting you experience its trademark speed from the comfort of your tablet computer or smartphone. Longtime fans of the franchise will also find much to love with its nods to the series in general and its large cast of playable characters.

Put on your red shoes, grab some rings, and enjoy some airtime with everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog all over again.

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