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Solo Leveling

Experience an original story for the classic webtoon!

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Game Description

Enjoy the excitement of the original webtoon with stunning graphics!

  • From the World's Weakest Hunter to the Strongest Hunter in History, take up the role of Jinwoo and go on the adventure with me! Experience adventure via the compelling tale of the original work and uncover brand-new tales created specifically for the game! Enjoy matching strikes and equipment! See how your weaponry and equipped talents alter your combat style! Use Extreme Evasion to dodge, then timing your QTE skill to deal critical damage!

Take on the role of the greatest hunters from the first tale!


  • Get to know the most beloved hunters from the first webtoon, such as: The Ultimate Hunter, Choi Jong-In, the hunter who transformed into a beast, Baek Yoonho, with the outstanding Cha Hae-In! Take pleasure in creating a wide range of teams by fusing several hunters, skills, and strategies together!

Tough moving dungeons and adrenaline-pumping fights with formidable bosses!

  • The gates open as your strength increases! Create your teams, put your plans into action, open the gates, and win prizes! Take on a variety of distinct game modes. Boss replays, enormous dungeon raids, and content from Time Attack where every second matters!

Rise to the position of Monarch of Shadows and gather an army!

  • Teams of devoted Shadow Soldiers under command by drawing out the shadows of the enemies you've vanquished and enlisting them to become your fresh allies!

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