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Soccer Manager 2024

Find and purchase outstanding players for your favorite club, then use tactics, skill, and strategy to win the championship!

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Game Description

This football management game is incredibly accurate and immersive. Find and purchase outstanding players for your favorite club, then use tactics, skill, and strategy to win the championship.

Soccer Manager 2024 is the ultimate mobile football management game, offering unrivaled precision, realism, and fun. Take command of one of over 900 clubs in 54 leagues across 36 countries. Buy, sell, and manage actual FIFPRO licensed players to fill out your starting eleven with authentic stats.


You can now manage international teams competing in big competitions against teams from your continent and around the world. Enjoy breathtaking match and environment visuals, with player likenesses and animations that have never looked better! Manage transfers, training, tactics, and formations, as well as the facilities of your football team, as you strive to become champions.

Success in domestic and European cups can lead to intriguing chances. You might be invited to manage an international squad, competing in continental and global competitions against the world's greatest international teams!

If you want to fully demonstrate your football management abilities, create your own legend! Create your own football team and start from the bottom, demonstrating your football management expertise as you rise to the very top with soccer stars you've purchased or wonderkids you've developed into world class professionals.



  • Over 25,000 real players at over 900 football clubs from the world's 54 most popular leagues.
  • Demonstrate your domination across the continent by competing in the highest level continental football club competitions.
  • Play as your favorite international football manager, controlling and guiding nearly 100 international teams after proving your ability with your club.
  • Manage your favorite football team's starting eleven and lead them to global triumph.
  • Consider building your own legend by establishing your own football club and assembling a team of super star soccer players.
  • Design your own manager to match your personal style, complete with customization and wardrobe options.
  • A dynamic live transfer market enables you to make informed decisions about which players to bring in as you assemble your starting eleven. The rapid negotiation and conclusion of player contracts adds to the realism and immersion.
  • Sign established superstar soccer players for immediate success, or develop the next generation of 'wonderkid' fresh soccer stars.
  • With aesthetically attractive characters, animations, and locations, you can watch your football management approach flourish on the field. Real athletes and venues have never looked better.
  • Manage your starting eleven tactically in whatever way you want, from training ground tutoring to live pitch side instructions.
  • Examine detailed statistical data to determine how to improve the performance of your starting eleven.
  • Construct and improve your football stadium and football club amenities to world class standards.

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