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Fight for the National Championship!

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Game Description

SLAM DUNK! Never Let an Ardent Story Die! Fight for the National Title!

SLAM DUNK from TV Animation is a Real Time 3v3 Basketball game based on the Japanese anime 'Slam Dunk'. Toei Animation supervises the production, which is distributed by DeNA. Meet the original characters and view the original plot and scenes. You will be able to use familiar talents such as 'Hua Hua Defense,' 'Akagi Dunk,' and 'Lightning Fast,' and you will be able to experience the might of each high school basketball squad. Let us rekindle your enthusiasm for basketball and experience those heartfelt moments through tournaments. Have fun inventing and refining your own playing style!


Toei Animation has officially licensed this work! Bring Back The Classic Story!

  • Through the Story Mode, you can see more than ten chapters of the original scenes. Relive that carefree summer and follow the progress of Shohoku Basketball youngster Hanamichi Sakuragi.

Real time Combat! Various Ways to Showcase Your Basketball Talent!

  • Aside from Half Court 3v3, you can also play 1v1 Solo Match, 2v2 Duo Match, Full Court 3v3, and Full Court 5v5. Remember to organize a team with your friends to increase the fun!

The National Tournament Has Begun! National Champion Dominate!

  • Form a team with your friends and begin your journey to victory! Take part in the 3 minute match tournament. Show off your own basketball technique and compete against national pros. Fight to become the new number one!

Assemble all characters! CV is written in Japanese!

  • Meet the entire Slam Dunk cast, which is officially licensed by Toei Animation.

Basketball Genius has been born! Challenge the entire nation to become the winner!


  • Hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa, Akira Sendoh, and Shinichi Maki's particular abilities are restored. Unbox your basketball talent, defeat competitors from throughout the country, and become champion.

The cross server battle has begun! Fair Play for 3 Minutes!

  • Increase the size of your friend group by tapping one button to receive all friend requests at once! Enjoy the matches with your buddies anywhere and whenever you want. Don't forget to choose the Honor Division, which symbolizes your city, before competing to become the best basketball player in the country.

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