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Sky Dancer 2

Perform jumps, avoid obstacles, and fight devils to be the first one to set foot in the promised land!

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Game Description

Good day, Sky Dancers!

Prepare to be a trailblazer in the search for a new beginning. The roadways become more dangerous under God's reign, with numerous obstructions and attacks by huge monsters. But, because of your power and expertise, we believe you will be the first to set foot in the tranquil promised land.


Sky Dancer 2 has basic gameplay yet plenty of techniques and talents. To accomplish the task, you must control the character to dodge obstacles, execute jumps, and fight the devils. But don't worry, if you can get the passive skills and equipment systems to cooperate, they will help you.


  • Action and more action: Sky Dancer 2 expands on the predecessor's base experience, adding dramatic boss encounters and additional challenges: traverse more intricate topography, overcome many more obstacles, and unlock many more new worlds.
  • A clicker mechanic in battle will let you relieve stress with satisfying moments, as well as the epic visuals of the battle, which will pleasure your eyes as well.
  • Rogue like Element: Add additional strategy to the game by selecting the correct skills and combining them in the right order. Sky Dancer 2 will require some strategy as well as careful planning of skill combinations.
  • RPG Element: There are tons of gear and weaponry to enable you to design your own characters with unique looks, skills, and abilities that no one else has.

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