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Sky: Children of the Light

Welcome to Sky, a beautiful kingdom just waiting to be explored by you and your friends

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Game Description

In a setting where you may meaningfully engage with others, encounter the finest of humanity. In Sky, you can fly above the clouds, perform music, or simply unwind and take in the beauty all around you. There is no strain. Allow yourself to open up to the experience at your own pace. Everyone is invited, especially you!

The Story


Sky: Children of the Light is a serene social adventure from the minds behind Journey and Flower that is sure to melt your heart.

Our brightness was limitless when the stars were aligned. But as night fell, the stars began to fall, giving the clouds a new home. It's time to bring back our lost stars because a very long period has passed. Child of the Light, wake up! Your journey has just begun.

Discover the enchanted realm of Sky, a gorgeously animated country just waiting for you and your loved ones to explore. You will be guided by spirits and their stories across their serene world and all seven of its worlds. You must have compassion for others, enduring curiosity, and light within your heart to help the star spirits find their way home.

Join forces with other players in this serene, open world MMORPG to discover Sky's mysteries. Play with your friends and discover the amazing world delights that Sky has to offer. Join forces with others to explore shadowy regions, free spirits, and find lost treasures. Bring warmth and brightness to all that you touch. Join people from all over the world on an ongoing adventure in Sky, an open world with developing realms and seasonal events.

We arrive in the sky as the Children of the Light, bringing light and hope to the dark kingdom in order to restore the fallen Stars to their places in the constellations.


A Game of Social Adventure:

  • Explore 7 fantastical regions and learn the truth about the stars.
  • An upbeat, tranquil, and timeless MMORPG.
  • Travel the globe in order to release the spirits trapped in each constellation.
  • The epic journey of returning missing stars.
  • With every new journey, season, and event, get to know new characters and uncover original stories.

Play Together and Foster Real Human Connections:

  • Play with friends to save the sky realm's spirits.
  • Go on adventures with your pals or make new international acquaintances online.
  • Join up with others to embark on a journey into shadowy spheres and find priceless artifacts.
  • Form new relationships and come across other amiable players online with endearing facial expressions.
  • Give candles of light to show appreciation and strengthen bonds with people from all walks of life.

A Welcoming Open World:


  • Join a world that is constantly growing with new forthcoming attractions, seasonal events, and realm expansions.
  • This MMORPG is a heartwarming social experience that will raise your spirits.
  • Experience Sky's splendor by going on a single or group adventure through the open universe.

Level Up and Unlock the Children of Light:

  • Acquire goods to aid in your exploration of the Sky universe, such as Winged Light.
  • Level up and use special customizations to express yourself via your character.
  • Express yourself by changing the color of your clothes, your hair, and other features.

Young one, spread your compassion for everybody since you are filled with a tranquil light.

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