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Build & navigate your ship through the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Welcome to Ship Sim 2019, the most fascinating and realistic ship simulator game! Navigate the Mediterranean Sea as the captain of a 400-meter oil tanker, a massive cargo ship, or a beautiful cruise ship. Navigate your ship through a realistic and comprehensive open-world terrain, completing missions in several of the Mediterranean's most prominent port cities.

Ship Sim 2019 contains everything you could want in a ship simulator game. There are more than a dozen ships to begin with, each detailed and realistic, with numerous exterior, interior, and deck cameras. The nicest aspect is that you practically get three separate boat simulator games in one.


Cruise ship simulator: There are numerous tourism hotspots in the Mediterranean Sea, and it is your responsibility to carry thousands of people to their locations. And no boat simulator game would be complete without some of the world's most impressive and luxury cruise ships; check them out!

Cargo ship simulator: As the commander of a massive cargo ship, your goal is to transfer hundreds of thousands of tons of products from one port to another. As you complete missions and earn money, you will be able to afford some of the largest cargo ships to sail the seas.

Oil tanker simulator: Begin with a standard-sized oil tanker ship and progress to huge tankers that overshadow all other ships. Your assignments will take you to city ports as well as oil rigs located in the middle of the sea.



  • Three ship classes: passenger, cargo, and oil tanker.
  • Many ships to choose from
  • Freely travel the open-world map of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Wonderful weather and day-night cycle.
  • Groundbreaking visuals for a mobile ship simulator
  • Realistic water reflections.
  • Various control options
  • Complex docking scenarios.
  • Realistic landscape noises and ship engine sounds.
  • Several customization options: alter the wording, color, and even flag on your ship.
  • Post requests for additional ships or features on our social media pages!

Have fun playing our new realistic ship simulator, and please share it with your friends and provide comments!

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