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Shadow of the Orient

Explore large levels brimming with objectives, surprises, and treasure!

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Game Description

Are you prepared to face the night? A 2D action adventure platformer, Shadow of the Orient boasts stunning animations, fluid movement, and touch controls that may be customized to your exact specifications. Discover large levels brimming with objectives, treasure, and surprises. Using your fists or weapons, battle your way through legions of samurai foes and legendary creatures to save the children of the Orient from the evil power of the Dark Lord.



  • Gorgeous Pixel Art Style
  • 15 individually designed adventure levels
  • Five time-limited stages
  • Components of level solving
  • 3 bosses at 'End of Act'
  • Difficult gameplay with intelligent adversaries
  • Hard and Easy difficulty settings to suit players of all skill levels
  • A variety of weapons with combination mechanisms
  • Items from the Game Shop
  • Leaderboards and Achievements for Games
  • Mobile device touchscreen controls that can be customized
  • Modifiable keyboard shortcuts for PC and WebGL versions
  • Support for Bluetooth and mobile gamepads
  • Genatari's original soundtrack
  • Premium option for ads
  • A live shop is available for those who would rather advance their heroes more quickly.
  • No barriers to in-game advancement

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