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Shadow of Death

An exciting pocket-sized fantasy RPG on the go!

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Game Description

A Completely New Dark Fantasy Epic
On the go, play a captivating pocket sized fantasy RPG! Shadow of Death pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming by becoming an offline fighting game that does not require internet connection to play. Fight your way through a perilous dark world by choosing from four distinct shadow knights, varied gameplay styles, and a plethora of uncommon armor sets. Bring out that black blade, gather some allies, and cut the shadows!

Players Choice
Choose from a cast of four distinct shadow knights, each with a distinct play style. Whether gamers want to slash or force projectile their way to victory is entirely up to them! Explore a rich skill tree and extensive inventory system that allows for unlimited battle experimentation and customization. What other game can match a small boy's spirit in a huge suit of armor?


Conquer the Darkness in Style
Combat is a high octane blend of magic and weapons based hack and slash gameplay inspired by classic fighting games and modern action RPGs. An innovative touch screen interface provides several options for strategizing combat and annihilating foes. The innovative battle system is simple enough for any player to use while also being deep enough to satisfy the most ardent action RPG players. What exactly are you waiting for? Plunge into darkness with that legendary dark blade!

A Lovely Ruined World
Driven by an entirely new animation system and graphics engine, gamers will exclaim, 'I can't believe it's not a console game.' That's true, the game appears to be that excellent! Aurora's gothic fantasy world is distinctively cel shaded and optimized for mobile gaming, bringing jaw dropping magical effects and epic combat sequences to life.

Play Anytime, Anywhere
We put the 'pocket' in pocket sized role playing games! Shadow of Death is an offline game, so you may enjoy the thrill of combat whenever and anywhere you choose. It is not necessary to be online to vanquish the shadows.

Take on the Universe
When defeating shadow demons is no longer enough, take your game online! As you face other players in the Arena, strive for ultimate dominance.

The Adventure of a Dark Knight
Aurora was once a flourishing kingdom that has since collapsed. A revived old darkness savages the land with terrible force. Crops rot, the winds rage, and the dead stir.


A king has abandoned his people to destruction in his desire for power and forbidden knowledge. People are crying out for hope.

All that lies between absolute annihilation and a lone knight, cleaned of memory yet propelled by conviction. He marches alone towards the whispering shadows, marked by destiny.

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