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Shadow Fight 3

Legend has it, that a hero will have to learn three fighting styles to end the fight for shadow energy

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Game Description

According to legend, a hero will appear to put an end to the battle for shadow energy. He'll have to learn three fighting styles, gather the best weapons, and take on the most powerful warriors.

The world is on the verge of a catastrophic conflict. The powerful energy released by the Gates of Shadows many years ago has become a weapon, and three battle tribes are fighting over its future.


The Legion fighters wish to eliminate the deadly energy. The people of the Dynasty want to take advantage of it. While the secretive ninjas of the Heralds clan investigate the shadow power's darkest secrets.

Three clans, three worldviews, and three combat methods. Which side will you support?

Shadow Fight 3, is a 3D online RPG fighting game that continues the story of the Shadow Fight universe. Prepare for excitement, cool brawls with strong combatants, and an exhilarating journey around the realm where mysterious forces reign.


  • Are you a ninja, a knight, or a samurai? Only you can decide who will be your hero. Win distinctive skins in battle and change the colors of your equipment to create a unique style.


  • Investigate the fighting styles of the three clans to develop your own combat style. Your hero can battle like a shrewd ninja or a powerful knight. Utilize shadow energy to execute powerful and spectacular hits that have the potential to change the direction of the battle.


  • Warriors all around the world are waiting for the emergence of a hero who will put an end to the war for shadow dominance. Choose your clan to have an impact on the plot. To fight your adversary, defeat tough bosses, and then explore other worlds and travel back in time to gain more details about the plot.


  • Even once the main plot conflict is over, the action does not stop. Win duels by fighting other players' AI controlled heroes. Brawl with the most powerful warriors to climb the TOP 100 leaderboard and become a legend in your region!


  • Collect your own armory of weapons and armor to try out in battles and look cool in duels. After acquiring a complete set of equipment, you will gain special abilities that will help you win a combat.



  • Fight in themed events on a regular basis to win uncommon skins, colors, weapons, and armor. During these conflicts, you will meet new heroes and learn a lot about the world of Shadow Fight.


  • Colorful landscapes and realistic fighting animations can hold their own against the best console games.

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