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Shades: Shadow Fight

Fight to survive!

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Game Description

The entire world has been saved. It appeared to be a peaceful and tranquil period. But the past never forgets: when you make a decision, the consequences stick with you. Shadow knew it, just as he knew the momentary respite would be fleeting.

Mysterious Shadow Rifts have appeared all across the earth. They lead to random locations and bestow new abilities known as Shades on travelers. Shadow must traverse Rifts and use this ability to seal them, revealing the mystery of their creation... But at what price?


Shadow's adventures continue with new adversaries, new skills, and a sequel to the Shadow Fight 2 tale!

Shades is an RPG combat game that picks up where the legendary Shadow Fight 2 left off. Prepare for upgraded features of the original game that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Fight more battles, visit more places, make new friends, face new opponents, gather strong Shades, and explore the extended Shadow Fight universe!

Classic 2D backdrops with improved visuals and realistic fighting movements. Dive into a fan favorite realm of shadows and breathtaking scenery.

A simple combat system provides an excellent fighting experience. Use epic combat scenes and potent magic to defeat your opponents. Select and master your weapon.


Each Rift run is distinct. Encounter numerous opponents, absorb Shadow Energy, and obtain Shades, strong powers that change at random. Combine several Shades to unleash synergies and become invincible.

Shadow Rifts lead to three distinct universes. Explore the extended Shadow Fight realm and meet new and frightening enemies.

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