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Screw Puzzle

A relaxing, nuts & bolts puzzle

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Game Description

It seems simple, yet achieving the perfect result requires a clever method. Enjoy the puzzle difficulties featuring nuts and bolts.

Welcome to the enigmatic world of Screw Puzzle, where mind-bending puzzles await your skills! Are you prepared to become a Screwmaster?


If you enjoy playing screw puzzle games, Screw Puzzle is for you! Dive into a tortuous maze of twisted iron sheets and plates, decorated with forsaken bolt bits and rings, for an epic and intricate puzzle adventure. You'll find a hundred levels of entertaining screw puzzle game. There will be new nuts and bolts for each level. Test it for yourself!



  • As an experienced craftsman, deftly unlock screws and free each distorted piece of iron from the complicated tapestry of obstructions.
  • Take a journey through precisely sculpted levels, meeting a maze of intertwined metal plates, rings, and ropes at every step.
  • Untangle the rope knots and free the iron components to immerse yourself in the complex yet wonderfully gratifying world of Nuts and Bolts.
  • Some stages reveal metal masterpieces built from the plates themselves, while others need you to use a handsaw to slice these plates, revealing more apertures to secure your bolts.
  • Move each bolt carefully so that all the parts may screw together quickly.


  • Satisfying ASMR sound while playing screw puzzle.
  • No time limit. Play at your own pace.
  • Different stages with unique maps. Easy and hard modes.
  • Work hard to become a screw master after solving hundreds of puzzles.

Do you have the vision and mental aptitude to navigate these mazes within the township? Prepare to test your brain and write your name into the annals of bridge construction history. Become a screw expert today!

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