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Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt is here! You've come to the perfect place if you enjoy playing hidden object games that involve search and find.

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Game Description

The hidden object genre has been upgraded with the Scavenger Hunt game since our maps are alive! Children playing in the park, athletes working out, and elderly people obstructing cars in a parking lot are all doing it to divert your attention from the treasure hunt.

Games of discovery have never been more enjoyable! To unlock new areas in the Scavenger Hunt, collect hidden objects as you travel the maps. Everywhere you look, there are hidden pictures: on the roof, next to grandma, under a tree. To find every hidden object, zoom in and swipe the map.


You shouldn't pass up Scavenger Hunt if you enjoy games that need you to search and find things.


The most recent iteration of hidden object games!


Additional maps by collecting all the hidden objects!


Through the map and gathering everything!



Gorgeous new locations!

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