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Samurai Shodown

Anticipate, disarm, and strike your opponent in this classic fighting reboot to taste sweet victory!

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Game Description

Concentrate your thoughts. Draw your sword. Accept death. In this classic fighting revival, anticipate, disarm, and strike your opponent to taste sweet victory.

Fight till the end! The legendary sword wielding battle series returns with a new smartphone game set one year before the first entry, merging stunningly updated high end visuals and gameplay with the faithfully replicated mechanics and atmosphere that made Samurai Shodown a hit in the first place. Warriors and combatants from varied backgrounds, each with its own set of aims, are prepared to clash in order to achieve their destinies!



  • A lasting legacy: The new game aspires to deliver the same tight and thrilling action that the series is known for. Battles that are both intense and spectacular are returning!
  • Stunning visuals: Using the power of UNREAL ENGINE 4, the series achieves a degree of detail never seen before for a completely new visual experience!
  • A wide cast of characters: From a vivacious Texan ninja to a smart, bumbling Chinese warrior, choose from over a dozen playable characters, each with memorable moves customized to their distinct personalities.

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