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Class warfare in a turn-based bullet-hell!

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Game Description

Class conflict in turn based bullet hell!

Swipe in all four directions to move. Avoid the deadly projectiles and ram into items to destroy them.


  • Increase the level of each of the FOUR improvements on your ship.
  • Find all FIVE endings and gain access to new music tracks!
  • Defeat 11 different enemy types, each with their own 'elite' form.
  • See replays of your attempts and your overall statistics.

Earn your freedom!

This is an improved version of the game 'Salvage,' which has been recreated and expanded in Godot. In addition to the new capabilities stated above, it is now available as a native mobile and Computer application. This should allow it to continue running smoothly through far longer runs, something the original game had a lot of trouble with!

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