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Sailor's Odyssey

Discover the island's secret treasures, outwit competing pirate groups, and navigate hazardous terrain

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Game Description

Investigating, fighting and stealing, deciphering puzzles, and seeking hidden riches. Enjoy breathtaking visuals and captivating gameplay as you set off on an amazing adventure. Aye, Captain!

Take out your sword and get ready for an exciting adventure. As a pirate stranded on the island, players must negotiate the hazardous landscape, outwit competing pirate parties, and find the hidden treasures of the island.


CO-OP MULTIPLAYER: In multiplayer mode, users can make alliances with other players worldwide to build a crew and jointly conquer the island.

SURVIVE AND BUILD: In order to live, you'll need to rely on all of your pirate prowess after becoming stranded on this island. Construct your own fortresses and pirate refuge to protect yourself from those scalawags.

FIGHT: You'll be equipped with a range of weaponry, including traps and other pirate tools in addition to muskets, cutlasses, and flintlocks. As the game progresses, you'll be able to acquire new skills and hone your combat abilities.


MAGIC: To help them in combat and exploration, players will be able to learn and employ strong spells and incantations.

VISUAL: You'll get the impression that you're in the thick of everything thanks to the amazing lighting and special effects. Savor the breathtaking visuals made possible by the Unreal Engine.

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