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Ryuko is a shadow ninja game with addictive gameplay, dramatic boss battles, and an open world adventure gameplay experience

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Game Description

Do you want a ninja shadow combat battle game that combines ninja warrior and samurai battling gameplay? Ryuko RPG is a shadow ninja game with five corrupted regions of Kurome, addictive gameplay, dramatic boss battles, offline battles, and an open world adventure gameplay experience. In order to recover her grandfather, a last shadow warrior returns after twenty years and confronts horrific demons in feudal Japan.

Ryuko Shadow Hunter: Ninja Game
There was a territory known as Kurome in feudal Japan. This was a land of shadow ninja warriors, but greed and a desire for more power corrupted the inhabitants of Kurome. They occupied additional areas, and their darkness spread as they sought more power. Taguchi Sensei was a samurai warrior who traveled to Kurome to put an end to the corruption, but he never returned. Ryuko is a bold young shadow hunter who enters Kurome in search of Taguchi Sensei, eradicating corruption in the process.


Corrupted Regions
Ryuko will be shown five open world regions. The battlegrounds of these places will include brutal shadow warrior adversaries. Every location has a Hunter's Castle where you can rest and enhance your character and weapons. Non warrior fictional characters and opponents can also be found in the territory.

Black Eye Fortress
The game begins in the Black Eye Fortress, where the player learns fundamental fighting mechanics. Initial enemies are defeated, and the player learns about stealth kills, finisher moves, uninterrupted strikes, and the use of elixir and special skills. Players will learn how to loot weapons, repair and upgrade weapons, and level up their characters.

Creek Garden
This is Kurome's second region. In the Creek Garden, Ryuko meets even more vicious shadow warrior foes. The player explores a hunter's castle, a secure haven. In the Creed Garden battleground, the player also meets the first hunter.

Mangle Woods
A stealth zone intended for use in stealth mode. The player faces firey demon opponents who can only be killed through stealth assaults from behind. To advance in this sector, the player must employ a stealth technique.

Deserted Castle
Ryuko travels through a huge and open territory of Kurome, encountering more monsters, ninjas, fiery demons, and hunters.

Ministry Town
Ryuko faces ministry hunters in this region's fighting arenas. To liberate Taguchi Sensei, all of the ministry hunters have to be defeated.

Throughout the game, you will meet detailed personalities, explore monuments, and discover Kurome's hidden beauty. To combat various adversaries, you will employ various swords, elixirs, and skills. This will be an ideal arena for combining ninja assassin and shadow combat game talents.

Epic Boss Battles
This role playing ninja game casts you as the last shadow warrior, facing epic boss battles in countries of incredible breadth and beauty. Each opponent's AI is unique and demands a unique strategy to overcome. Ryuko's ultimate goal, after being trained in the ways of legend shadow warrior, is to play as the heroic shadow fighter, rescue your grandfather, and put an end to the corruption.



  • Character selection
  • There are a lot of boss foes
  • There are numerous types of swords
  • There are numerous forms of elixirs
  • Stealth Mode
  • Death move
  • Fast Travel
  • Battlegrounds that are realistic

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