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Rush Royale

Collect units, build a deck for base defense, and prepare for Rush Royale, a TD game packed of action, adventure, and limitless fun!

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Game Description

Protect your castle, level up your heroes, and defeat your opponents in PvP fights!

Welcome to Rhandum, a land of tower defense, clans, magic, and mayhem! Collect soldiers, build a base defensive deck, and prepare to meet one of the most distinctive TD games, Rush Royale!


Mighty warriors are prepared for a TD battle! You have a plethora of adorable yet terrifying units at your disposal, from sharp eyed Archers and cunning Trappers to aggressive Bruisers and graceful Blade Dancers! In a castle defense, merge units and carefully manage your mana, develop a strategy based on your deck's strengths! Don't forget about Heroes. These heroic champions possess the most potent skills!

In PvP, defeat your opponents! Break through opponent Tower Defense, advance, and get more trophies! Play defensive games against the most powerful players to win amazing prizes! But keep in mind that fortune can be fickle in TD games! Stick to your strategy and use cunning and knowledge to lay siege to the castle and breach opponent fortifications!

Join the CoOp mode and go on a TD quest with your pals to explore Rhandum! Construct a castle defense against terrifying bosses and their minions. Defense games are never boring when you're fighting enemies together! Success in TD games results in unique loot! Prepare your defenses and defend the castle!

Every unit and hero in the game belongs to one of the game's factions, which range from the Technogenic Society to the Kingdom of Light. There are no 'weak' or 'strong' decks. Instead, acquire, merge, learn how to play your army well, and level up the units you use the most. Some of them can Ascend, obtaining special combat abilities!

Events add even more variety to the standard base defense. Check them out to see if you can master new rules and defeat the enemies in tower defense games!

Join one of the clans to receive exclusive rewards! Fight together with your clanmates to achieve success in both CoOp and PvP tower defense!


Quests make life easier and more enjoyable! Each task accomplished delivers helpful prizes!

Clash, conquer, win, and triumph! Rush Royale is a touchdown game unlike any other. The Isle of Rhandum is waiting for you!

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