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Old School RuneScape

One of the most iconic MMORPG's is now on mobile!

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Game Description

Old School RuneScape is the RuneScape you may remember. Based on RuneScape as it existed in 2007, it was first made available in 2013. It is the only MMORPG in the world where the producers regularly release fresh material that has been chosen by the players!

Over 260 million players have played Old School RuneScape since it was released in 2001, making it the biggest and most well known MMORPG in the world. Intricate modern MMO mechanisms are combined with the wistful point and click action of vintage role playing games in Old School RuneScape.



Old School RuneScape is a free game to play, but a subscription has many benefits! Customers have access to:

  • A three times larger globe map
  • 8 extra skills
  • Adds new quests
  • 400 more bank account openings
  • And a whole lot more for just one monthly fee!


MMORPGs that are truly revolutionary in their approach to mobile gaming let you adventure anywhere. You will be using the same account to play on the same game worlds whether you use a desktop or a mobile device.


Players in Old School RuneScape elect new content through voting. The game's creators will include a suggestion if 75 percent or more of players vote in favor of it!

Since the 2013 launch of Old School RuneScape, more than 1,000 polls have been conducted. That is more than 1,000 choices that users have made that have influenced the game.


You can team up with other heroes to make an impact on the game, or you can play as a lone adventurer seeking glory through personal trials. Old School RuneScape is a challenge for everyone, with 23 talents to master, hundreds of lore filled quests, and dozens of special raids and bosses to face.


Be the first to explore Fossil Island and learn about its forgotten past. Map the tropical heat of the Karamjan forest and slog across the Kharidian desert's desolate wastes.


The numerous lore rich quests in Old School RuneScape mix huge puzzles, enthralling storytelling, and the wry nostalgia of point and click adventures. Find out how to use rune magic once more, figure out what is causing the deadly disease in West Ardougne, or do Yanni Sallika one quick favor.



Battle your way through the Theatre of Blood and the Chambers of Xeric, two extraordinary raiding encounters. All challengers who perceive huge treasures will be met with undead dragons, lava monsters, and tyrannical vampires.

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