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Rumble Heroes

With the princess having been kidnapped by dark knights, you and your band of heroes are our only hope!

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Game Description

The dark knights snatched the kingdom's only princess! Your heroes are the only ones who can save her!

You must first rebuild the community in order to save the princess. Collect trees, mine ore, and build structures to help the hamlet.


In addition, you can find new heroes at the pub. Recruit and raise famous warriors with a variety of skills!

Explore vast open landscapes to find wealth and various beasts and materials.

The dungeon is overrun with monsters, but don't be concerned! The warriors you raised are capable of annihilating the beasts!

Forget about collectible RPGs that are difficult and full of time consuming manual grinding, you can move many heroes with one hand.

Enter the exciting, fast paced hack n' slash combat with simple controls!



  • You can do it all with one hand!
  • Collect resources on the field such as wood, ore, meat, and other items.
  • Collect and grow adorable and one of a kind characters.
  • Explore the dungeon and gather legendary equipment.
  • You can start a camp anywhere on the field and abandon it.

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