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Build Your City, Help Friends and Explore New Worlds in Rule the Sky

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(iOS - For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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Game Description

City Building In the Sky

In Rule the Sky, you are creator of your very own flotia. These floating islands are the home to a world that you build from start to finish. From housing your residents to building elaborate economies, Rule the Sky offers a fun and casual city building experience with an emphasis on social interaction.

Inviting friends to join you opens up the ability to visit their flotia, help with construction and team up to complete quests and goals. All of this is presented in a bright and lively graphic style that is sure to keep you coming back for more.


From Open Fields to a Floating Metropolis

Rule the Sky follows the growth of a small island city known as a flotia. When you start out, it is simply an open field with a city hall and one lonely citizen. Through a quick tutorial, you learn the basics of farming, building and managing your economy. Before long, you can expand your island, connect with friends and explore new flotias.

Each task on the island will require time to complete. While this leads to a slow pace in the beginning, before long you will have plenty to keep yourself busy for hours at a time. Events are hosted periodically that help provide more information about the world in which the flotias float around. These events also provide limited-edition rewards, buildings and quests.

Whimsical Fun for All Ages

Rule the Sky features an animated graphic style with obvious influence from Asian cultures. Though the tasks in Rule the Sky might be slightly advanced for younger players, the game's cheerful graphics, fun music and overall content make it an ideal family game. Bright colors, cute animations and fantasy setting make it ideal for children.

However, do not let the graphics fool you. Rule the Sky offers entertaining game play for all ages as well. The interface is simple to use. The tutorial does a great job of introducing you to the various aspects of the game. Rule the Sky focuses on juggling the many tasks required to keep your flotia growing and thriving. Common events include:


  • Planting and harvesting crops: Farming is the basis for all other activities within Rule the Sky. As your flotia grows, you will gain access to new crops and farming methods to increase your income. Each crop has different characteristics to help various parts of your city grow. Once you have sold enough crops, you can move on to building various businesses throughout your town.
  • Building shops and collecting taxes: Shops are your other major source of income on your flotia. Each shop will generate taxes over a set amount of time. Each time that you collect taxes, the timer resets. Shops also allow others to visit your flotia and perform favors. These tasks can provide a boost to both your city and the visitor's city.
  • Visiting and helping neighboring flotia: Once you have established your city and made a few friends, you can choose to visit their flotia. This provides numerous ways to boost your own city and unlock a variety of additional enhancements. However, you can only help your neighbors a few times a day. By carefully weighing your decisions, you can take advantage of the opportunities that provide the greatest benefits to both islands.

Great for a Few Minutes or a Few Hours

The micromanagement aspects of Rule the Sky make it great for those who enjoy a quick gaming session or enjoy casual social games. Your flotia progresses, crops grow and buildings continue construction even when the game is not running. This makes it possible to play for only a few minutes a day and still make substantial progress on your city. Of course, if you wish to play for longer, you can accelerate how quickly your flotia grows as well.

After you have established a basic set of farms and buildings, there is often more than enough tasks available to provide hours of game play. Experienced economic simulation players might find the game's mechanics to be slightly limited. However, if you are looking for a casual city building game, Rule the Sky offers an outstanding and engaging experience.

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