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Ruins Story

A high-speed, 2D rogue light action shooter!

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Game Description

A Rogue Light Action Shooter in 2D for vertically holding the smartphone.

Move, aim, and shoot at rapid speeds with a single finger! Battle at breakneck speeds!


Investigate the use of items as they become available, devising new builds and methods each time.


  • A flick of the finger causes a high speed movement to the specified floor, wall, or ceiling.
  • By tapping and swiping, you can use two different sorts of weaponry.
  • Resource management and timely attacks are critical.
  • The fighting style changes greatly depending on the combination of improved equipment!
  • Consider your plan for dealing with formidable Boss Enemies.



  • Within the search, many enhancement items might be gained.
  • When they return from their exploration, they are all lost, but they all have extraordinary talents.
  • When the hunt is over, use the stuff you found to unlock new equipment!
  • Find your own most powerful build!


  • With each exploration, the tale advances.
  • The Genesis Log covers the story of the main heroine 'Ruina' and her support robot 'Nekoro' as well as their past.
  • The story is told from two points of view.
  • What happened in the past and what is happening now....
  • Ruina and Nekoro continue their search to address humanity's problem.

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