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An epic swordfight in which every moment counts!

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Game Description

An epic swordfight in which every instant counts!

Japan is experiencing a period of strife, with murder and betrayal rife. A single survivor, a disgraced warrior, failed to save his lord. With nowhere to go and nothing to lose, the samurai clenches his sword and sets out to get revenge.


Parry, Slash! Console-Quality Parry System

  • A parry system for mobile that completely duplicates the sensation of playing on a computer or console. The attack and protect buttons allow you to engage in physical combat! Master the exact controls and experience the pure thrill of stunning sword mastery action!

Action Game Fundamentals: Tense and Exciting Battles

  • Continue training and upgrading to become a real hero! The roguelike action is simple yet challenging to master.

Enhance Everything: Upgradeable Characters, Pets, and Weapons!

  • Create creative strategies using powerful weapons and various pieces of armor! Survival will be determined by the weapons and armor you create, as well as the abilities you master.

A Vivid Illustration of Japan in Ink Wash Painting.


  • Experience stunning ink wash-style images with a distinct oriental flavor.

Exciting combat and plenty of bosses to fight! Prepare for the ultimate challenge!

  • Do you think you've withstood a swarm of enemies? Even more formidable adversaries await you, so prepare for their devastating assaults and learn their combat routines. When you have fully mastered the sword through these trials of life and death, you will be the last to stand.

Travel through time to ink-painted Japan and play an epic samurai action game with intense combat. Explore the Warrior's Path Now!

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