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ROM: Remember of Majesty

The entire world has become a battlefield!

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Game Description

Unfold the great saga on the Calderas continent! Ongoing battles on the unbounded global battlefield.

Celebrate the return of the times when perseverance brought success! Cross-platform, classic hardcore MMORPG for PC and mobile


Jump into the battle, disregarding national borders. The globe is one big battleground!

Take it for yourself. The power, honor, and prize that are reserved for the winners! Infinite battles, from the War of Monarchs to Territory Wars and Siege Wars

Have fun and maximize your profits in the free market by using a personal trading method. System for sealing items, server, and global auction houses

Dive in and start reading the epic tale of the Calderas continent. Taking in a gripping tale that spans the enormous territories of five continents


Become more powerful. Take advantage of a well-known leveling-up method improved with more depth. Costumes, guardians, collections of objects, engravings, and more

Have patience. The store has affordable prices. Unique outfits for the class you have chosen! Bringing in guardians using tender money!

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