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Road Redemption

Lead a motorbike gang in a cross-country road rage adventure!

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Game Description

Lead a motorbike gang in a cross-country road rage adventure!

Road Redemption is an action racing game set in a post-apocalyptic world governed by a brutal ruler. Fans of Mad Max will feel right at home here.



After years of violent street combat, the country's biker gangs have reached an uneasy peace.

This era of peace is broken when the leader of the country's wealthiest arms cartel is slain, and a large bounty is placed on the unknown assassin's head. It is up to you and your fellow gang members to track down the assassin and take the prize, but you will have to speed across enemy territory. Every motorcyclist in the country wants a piece of that loot, and they will not hesitate to take down anyone who stands in their way!


The roadways can be deadly. Fortunately, every time you die, the experience you've gained can be used to improve your character, bike, and weapon. Roguelite mechanics let players experiment with different arsenals and loadouts on each run. Earn money to buy mid-run boosters by racing and completing killings, robberies, and other obstacles in your way.


Massive and extendable skill tree. There are tons of deadly weapons for combat. This is more like Twisted Metal than Mario Kart. Collect loot to enhance your character, bike, and weapons. A comprehensive motorcycle combat system featuring grabs, kicks, counters, critical hits, and more. Win thrilling races full with excitement and danger to earn money.


Characters. Bikes. Weapons


Supports gamepads or customizable touch controllers.



Use the appropriate weapon for the proper enemy. Clever strikes can help you defeat specific monsters faster!

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