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River City Girls

An old-school pixel rumble quest for the new generation!

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Game Description

Intense, brutal beat-em-up action! Retro pixel rumble fit for a modern audience!

The nasty streets of River City are rife with trouble once more! Misako and Kyoko, two fierce heroes, are destroying the town in order to save their boyfriends, Kunio and Riki, and they won't allow anyone to stand in their way! You'll acquire new abilities, gobble up power-ups, wield bone-busting weaponry, and unleash an array of combos, throws, and special strikes that will have the bad guys wailing for their mothers as you punch and kick your way throughout the city. All in crazy pixel-art style! Motion-comic story panels, anime cutscenes, different endings, and an enormous synth-pop music all serve to break up the amazing action. This version of the game introduces Crunchyroll-Hime, the newest store owner in River City, and supports touchscreen or Bluetooth controllers for solo play.



  • Arcane combat gameplay for a single or double player!
  • Excellent pixel-art visuals, together with cutscenes from anime and motion comics!
  • Awesome soundtrack with NateWantsToBattle, Cristina 'Vee' Valenzuela, Chipzel, and Megan McDuffee!
  • Fight your way through six expansive city areas that include side missions and businesses!
  • A ton of tools, equipment, and skills to give your heroines the edge!
  • Crunchyroll-Hime, the newest shopkeeper in River City, as well as iconic River City and Double Dragon characters will be making guest appearances!
  • Game controllers are fully supported, and River City Girls features simple touch screen controls.

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