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Revived Witch

Begin the journey to find your forgotten self

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Game Description

In a dark forest, a tower reappears. The tower is said to contain a mysterious power. Numerous individuals have gone up the tower for it, but nobody has ever managed to escape alive. A sweet beckoning from out of nowhere roused a maiden who had lain down in the wilderness. She is a witch with scant memory. She picks up her staff, dons her pointed hat, and, guided by that enigmatic voice, pulls through the heavy doors of the tower, hoping to regain her memories and accomplish her destiny.

Revived Witch is an adventure RPG game with 2D dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting. You take on the role of a young witch who enters an enigmatic tower and journeys through numerous worlds to achieve her destiny. On your trip, you'll come across a variety of friends with unique characteristics and engage in combat alongside them against formidable foes.


Pixel Art in High Resolution and Beautiful Lighting Effects

A 2D high resolution pixel art and 3D lighting combination. The wonderful worlds are just waiting for you to discover them.

Character Development and Teambuilding

To strengthen your team, level up your characters and craft and enchant your gear. Get ready for the unknown adventure completely.

Dynamic Characters

Live 2D technology is used to present the characters, and talented voice performers like Ogura Yui, Yuuki Aoi, and Tomatsu Haruka are used for the voice-overs.

Action Combat

In order to fight your adversaries and defend your friends in real time, control the utilization of both order and chaos energy. With your hands, turn any dangerous scenario around.

Discover New Worlds

Travel across parallel universes to enjoy the grandeur of magical forests, ice world, lava caves, and other locations. Explore with much joy and excitement.


Gorgeous BGM

The right melodic music make your adventure more enjoyable. For an improved experience, wear headphones.

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