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Reverse: 1999

As the Timekeeper, travel through the eras and save the Arcanists from the coming Storm!

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Game Description

Bluepoch's Reverse: 1999 is a 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG.

The 'Storm' hit the planet on December 31, 1999. Under the rising showers, you beheld an era reversed. The universe of a long gone period develops in front of you, defying all logic.


You have the ability to travel through these eras as the Timekeeper, observer of eras, following each 'Storm.' Your aim is to travel between eras to where the 'Storm' is most active, find other Arcanists who can sense the approaching 'Storm,' and prevent them from being 'sifted out' of the chronology with the help of Sonetto, a powerful Arcanist and Foundation ally.

Stunning Visuals that Combine Retro and Modern Aesthetics

  • Step into enigmatic alt history, animated by one of a kind visual components that merge Pop Art, classical oil painting, and other historical art forms.

A Cinematic Journey Through the 20th Century

  • From the Roaring '20s until the turn of the millennium, you'll travel across time and space to solve the mystery of the 'Storm' and the year 1999.

Authentic Accents and Full English Voice Acting

  • Immerse yourself in history. Enjoy a narrative told by a wide ensemble of voice actors with accents from the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and other countries.

Fantastic Arcanists from Various Times and Regions


  • They were originally referred to as 'mages,' 'wizards,' and 'freaks.' They now live in an uneasy coexistence with regular humans... But who exactly are the Arcanists?

Weave Arcane Incantations for Glorious Victories

  • Build your team, cast spells, and employ stunning arcane abilities to vanquish your opponents. Begin your thrilling journey through time in this brand new RPG.

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