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Revenger Saga

Experience intense and stunning fighting with a variety of skill combinations

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Game Description

The War of the Gods, and the hero's retaliation after the gods stole everything from them!

Experience intense and stunning fighting with a variety of skill combinations. A fast-paced development and plot. An idle RPG in which you can level up while AFK!


A god has been reborn as a human. Break over the limits of being human and experience endless growth! Reclaim your divinity!

Stronger Than Ever

  • Even while I sleep. Even when I switch the game off for a while and go to work. My hero grows infinitely! Experience the true idle RPG that allows your hands to relax. I'm getting stronger by the second.

Smart Automatic Combat System

  • Enjoy maximum efficiency with an intuitive combat system and simple controls. Infinite strategy! Infinite idle play! Infinite growth! Experience the true hands-off idle RPG!

Find Your Favorite Heroes

  • Collect your favorite superheroes and costumes. Feel the protagonists' growing friendship as they progress through the various plot adventures.

Level-up at the Speed of Light


  • Get stronger with unique characters and techniques! Discover amazing combinations of diverse skills and build your own skill deck!

Excellent Graphics and Sound

  • Outstanding graphics, dynamic animations, and immersive audio!

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