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Improve Your Game with this Portable Free Throwing Simulator!

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(iOS - For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
See download page for specific requirements.)


Game Description

The Ultimate Hoop Dream

Do you think you have game? Then get ready to back it up with some Real Basketball. This is not just some cheap physics simulator; this is as real as basketball can get for a screen that only measures a few inches wide. Insert yourself into a virtual court that has been brought to life with fully realized 3D graphics and practice your shooting skills on the go.

Play by yourself and see how many points you can rack up in record time, or go online and compete against another player in a shooting match. This is the game basketball fans have been waiting years for, and what everyone who enjoys shooting a hoop or two needs to get for the mobile system of their choice.


Design Your Player

The first order of business in Real Basketball is design your in-game avatar. It wouldn’t be real if there wasn’t a player involved after all. To that end, the game provides ample opportunity to let you create a distinct-looking person who can execute your free throws for you.

  • Customize your character’s race, hair, skin and face.
  • Wear over 40 uniforms.
  • Shoot baskets with your choice of 20 different-looking balls.

Go Shoot Some Hoops

It’s time to hit the court. The object of Real Basketball is to hone your basket-shooting skills to perfection using the game’s simulated physics engine and intuitive controls.

  • Features realistic graphics that put you right inside the court.
  • Boasts believable physics that allow the thrown ball to soar in the air and bounce off of different materials in the way you would expect it to in real life. Use them to your advantage in making successful baskets.
  • Guide the power, direction and arch of your throw with just a single stroke of your finger on the screen.
  • Bounce your ball off the rim and backboard for easy baskets, or go for more risky and skillful clean shots that reward even more points.
  • Shoot enough consecutive baskets to set the hoop on fire and multiply your score tenfold!

Unlock the Good Stuff

Shooting hoops is all well and good, but if you’re the kind of player who needs some direction, then never fear! By playing the game and shooting hoops successfully, you can unlock all sorts of goodies. Some of them are purely aesthetic, while others will change the way you play.

  • Play in four distinct courts, each of which are designed to have an actual history and character to them.
  • Unlock new uniforms for your player to wear.
  • Buy new basketballs that look more exotic than what you start out with. Some may even offer special abilities.

There’s More Than One Way to Shoot a Basket

Real Basketball hosts a variety of different game modes that will require different skills from you to succeed.


  • Play Arcade mode for the simple joy of shooting hoops with the small number of misses you are permitted.
  • Play Tournament mode to meet a target score that gets progressively bigger with every round.
  • Enter Time Attack mode to see how many points you can score before the clock runs down.
  • Challenge yourself with Single Ball. Score as many hoops as you can while only being permitted with one miss.
  • Go online to shoot baskets against another player. Prove your superiority by getting more clean shots than him before the game comes to an end.

The Best Free Throw Sim Available

In the free throw simulation genre, Real Basketball could easily be considered the uncontested champion. The visuals it boasts and the physics it features are unprecedented in the world of mobile gaming, and the staggering number of things you can unlock through normal play will ensure that you will be playing for a long time. Add on the multiplayer feature, and you have an all-round product that covers all areas of the court.

Get those lay-ups in and start shooting those baskets from the three-point line today!

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