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Ragnarok Begins

Go back to the beginning of one of the most popular MMO's that infulenced generations!

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Game Description

Ragnarok Online, the popular MMORPG that affected generations, has released a new adventure in the series, Ragnarok Begins!

Become the hero of a grand adventure set in the fascinating world of Midgard!


Featuring a vast fantasy world full of strange monsters and legendary characters, the iconic Ragnarok graphic style has been revived as a side-scrolling arcade-style MMORPG.

Explore exotic settings ranging from the depths of the sea to the Moroccan deserts, complete with ancient kingdoms and mythological dungeons.


  • A profound journey with a massive tale as you uncover mysteries and conflicts.
  • Challenge yourself in the Endless Tower, either alone or with companions.
  • Test your might in group PVP and ranked combat in the Arena of Valhalla.


  • Use one account across PC and mobile devices, allowing you to continue your adventure while on the go.
  • Continue your journey with autoplay functions and smooth playability on both PC and mobile.
  • Side-scrolling arcade-style combat provides easy accessibility.


  • Action-packed combat with non-targeting, providing precise control over area-of-effect skills.
  • Develop movement skills to avoid enemy strikes and outmaneuver opponents.
  • Use a variety of potions and objects to get bonuses and heal your character.



  • Customize and improve your weapons, armor, and accessories through multiple advancement systems.
  • Create distinct skill trees for each career, as well as an adventure skill tree that applies to all jobs.
  • Select from four base jobs, each having two advanced jobs to advance to for endgame content.


  • Create or join a guild that offers numerous guild activities and progression systems, such as guild perks and shared guild halls.
  • Create and expand your own player house using in-game advancement mechanics. Invite your friends, too.
  • Join groups of adventurers and confront server-wide world bosses.

Start a New RO-mantic Journey today!

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