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Rainbow Six: SMOL

Build the best squad and save the world of Smol!

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Game Description

Based on the well-known 'Rainbow Six' series by Tom Clancy, this fast-paced rougelite shooter challenges players to destroy opponents, defuse bombs, and free hostages. Put together the greatest team and save Smol's world!

As a new recruit at Rainbow, it is your responsibility to deal with cultists and smash doors. Find a method to return your teammates home while freeing Smol's world from the enigmatic menace that hangs over it.



You can use stealth to finish your tasks and take out your targets with a small number of bullets. Alternatively, you can level entire structures with the combined strength of your team. You have a choice, but it would be a shame to pass up these exquisitely created, but utterly destroyable, environments.


As you construct distinct squads of Rainbow Operators, each with their own particular skills, you won't be traveling alone.

Will you use Sledge to blaze a route to the goal or use Valkyrie to scout out a route around obstacles and traps? You get to pick your squad and style of play.



To become an unstoppable force of pure tactical strength, go on operations and achieve objectives to unlock additional operators, new gear, recruit classes, tactical patches, or the mysterious Books of Power.

There are countless missions, hundreds of terrifying opponents, and an endless supply of disposable Recruits in this game. Ideal for countless hours of devastation and enjoyment.

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