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Dungeons that are procedurally generated, combat based on skill, and optional permadeath

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Game Description

Powerlust is a skill based action RPG roguelike with an old school feel. Manual battle in an old school action RPG roguelike. Made by a single person.

There are no formal classes.


  • Nothing is set in stone, so feel free to play as a fire mage carrying a two handed sword or a necro archer.

There are numerous masteries and skills.

  • When it comes to spells, weapons, abilities, and masteries, there are numerous alternatives to pick from. You may develop a plethora of builds and continuously find new methods to smash your opponents!


  • Gameplay dependent on skill
  • There are no autofight mechanics.
  • Roguelike enthusiasts will enjoy the hardcore permadeath mode.
  • Randomly created dungeons
  • Gamepad compatibility

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