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Pinocchio Hero

The sweet yet strong hero that everyone has been yearning for!

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Game Description

It's finally here! The cute yet fierce hero that everyone has been yearning for!

Breathtaking Array of Weapons


  • Breaking Bone Mallets! Precise Bows and Arrows! Unbreakable Swords! 360-Degree Magic Staffs! When faced by a monster, Pinocchio automatically swaps weapons, regardless of how far away they are. There's not enough time for you to become tired of the same weapon.

Every Talent Is Automatic

  • Pinocchio employs abilities without your intervention. All you have to do is arm Pinocchio with powerful abilities and watch as his unique skill effects sweep the battlefield!

Cut, Cut, Cut and Get!

  • Pinocchio's nose grows so quickly because he is the Excellent Liar. You can't just take materials and chop your nose!

Aesthetic Costumes


  • Play and get outfits that turn you into a charming Pinocchio.

Pinocchio Never Sleeps

  • Little Pinocchio Even when you're asleep, the powerful wooden puppet keeps defeating monsters. Anytime you wake up, a fully charged Pinocchio will be waiting for you!

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