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Phantom Blade

Dive into a conspiracy theory that threatens to break the world!

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Game Description

Phantom Blade: Executioners has a fascinating tale of kung fu adventures in which you enter into a conspiracy that threatens to collapse the globe, kill kung fu masters who have succumbed to insanity, and discover the mastermind after a sequence of seemingly unrelated incidents.

Exciting, quick combat!


  • The sheer velocity of Phantom Blade: Executioners celebrates the pleasure of kung fu battle. You will frequently find yourself against many opponents who will not allow you a break, much like in a good kung fu movie. Dodge, parry, and leap out of harm's way to create an opening for a barrage of devastating punches. With the Combo Chain concept, you can build up an extensive arsenal of kung fu skills and choreograph them into sequences that precisely fit your particular play style, eliminating the need for unnecessary button mashing or memorizing overly large move lists. Investigate and carve up your own niche!

Oriental art in its modern splendor!

  • Phantom Blade: Executioners' attractive visual art is based on Chinese traditional painting, but with modern sharpness and fantasy aspects. We coined the term 'kungfupunk' for this approach, which is similar to steampunk and cyberpunk. All battle animations are meticulously developed by respected companies led by Michael CTY, who previously worked as the art director on Demon's Souls and the first two titles in the Dark Souls trilogy before joining us to work on Phantom Blade: Executioners.

A captivating Wuxia plot!

  • The world is going apart as kung fu experts, one by one, amass great power and, in the process, become insane. As you look at these seemingly unrelated incidents, you notice a trend. The timer is ticking. Stop the spread of the Sha Chi Mod body engineering technique by taking down the insane ones before any further damage is done!

Experience a real Chinese Wuxia narrative told in episodes and branching side missions.

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