Knock Those Pins Down with a Variety of Magical Bowling Balls!

PBA Bowling Challenge

PBA Bowling Challenge

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Game Description

The Professional Bowlers Association Just Got Interesting

To all of you wannabe league bowlers who want to be league bowlers, there's a new game that is easily up your alley. PBA Bowling Challenge lets you enjoy everything about the classic sport without the need to worry about dropping a 16-pound ball on your foot. Pick a ball that suits your style, step up to the lane, and knock down every pin you find.

Play in the big leagues against the best bowlers in the world, or challenge your buddies to a friendly online match. Play with authentic balls to get as close to the real experience as you can, or take a walk on the wild side with a variety of crazy power-ups. Whatever your choice is, PBA Bowling Challenge is sure to be a hit.


Experience the Lightest Bowling Ever

Bowling in real life is easy enough to grasp, but it requires a lot of skill and finesse to get really good. While PBA Bowling Challenge won't put you through the same motions, it's thankfully as simple to learn and hard to master.

  • Features realistic physics that take velocity, weight and momentum into account.
  • Roll a variety of balls that have different values for weight, power, hook and control.
  • Roll the ball down the alley and determine how it will spin.
  • Take control of your game using either the touchscreen or accelerometer.

You've Never Bowled Like This Before

PBA Bowling Challenge isn't completely grounded in reality. If rolling an ordinary ball is too mundane for you, then sample some of the magical balls that come packed with special effects.

  • Use the Bomb Ball to blow up on contact and send those pins flying.
  • Roll a Split Ball to divide a single ball into two while it's blazing down the lane. Don't let a bowling split ruin your spare shot ever again!
  • Send in a Lightning Ball that can zip pins without ever touching them.

Become a Pro

In Career mode, you will have an opportunity to join the Professional Bowlers Association as a promising up-and-comer. Become the ultimate kingpin of the game while you bury the competition under a sea of pins!

  • Go head to head against over 20 professional bowlers in the PBA.
  • Participate in over 70 tournaments.
  • Unlock extra goodies as you play. Increase your level and buy new balls, pins, oil patterns and so on with your winnings.

A Perfect 300 Game

PBA Bowling Challenge is by far the best mobile bowling simulator out there. With realistic physics, a lengthy campaign against the most legendary players, and out-of-this-world power-ups, you have a game that's incredibly fun, long-lasting and far more convenient to get into than real bowling.

Add in the ability to challenge other players from anywhere in the world on Game Center and Google Play, and you'll never need to look at another bowling game ever again.

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