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Paradise Island

Bring in the Money by Building and Powering a Tropical Island Resort.

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Make a Place to Vacate Your Troubles

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. When you’re getting burned out at the office, it’s time to leave your worries at home and take a vacation. Paradise Island lets you create your own tropical island resort from the ground up.

It’ll be up to you to plan the whole place out, establish an eclectic mix of goods and services that will surely attract tourists, and to keep everything powered-up and maintained so that everyone involved will have a good time. Do your job well enough and people will flock to your island in droves and give you more than enough money to expand your operations.


Building the Perfect Paradise

You don’t start out with much in Paradise Island. All you have are a few funds in your bank and an empty stretch of beachfront property. It’s going to take a good deal of work and business savvy before you can get a full resort town up and running. That will just make the end goal much sweeter, especially when you take into account all the wonderful services you can provide.

  • Set up all sorts of buildings to provide a variety of services and entertainment for your customers. Build hotels, opera houses, restaurants, museums, banks, ruins, health centers and more.
  • Collect money periodically from your places of business.
  • Earn experience from your successful business ventures. Level up and gain access to better facilities and upgrades.
  • Upgrade your current structures to make them more profitable and efficient.
  • Be sure to keep everything properly powered. Set up windmills, solar panels and power generators to provide energy for your entire resort.
  • Keep your buildings and facilities properly maintained. Everything wears and tears over time, so be sure to periodically make repairs when necessary.

The Customer is Always Right

While you are given a lot of freedom to develop your resort in whatever way that you see fit, it’s still a wise idea to hear what the tourists have to say. They’re paying your mortgage after all. They have all sorts of favors that need to be done; heeding their words can get you any number of exotic rewards. Leave an ear open and make sure everyone is having a great time. Your resort will become a better place for it.


  • Tap tourists that you catch milling around to receive a mission that you can pursue at your leisure.
  • Help lost tourists find their destinations.
  • Look for money that has been lost.
  • Donate cash to tourists that really need it.
  • And more!

Go on Vacation with Your Smartphone

Paradise Island is an excellent and addictive little city builder available for your favorite mobile platform. It’s easy to learn, it can be picked up at any time, and it offers an unprecedented amount of freedom in designing how your portable slice of Heaven can look and operate.

If you’re ever in the need to just drop what you’re doing and forget your troubles for at least a few moments, then Paradise Island is the ticket. Pick up this free app now and begin a vacation that never ends.

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