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Otherworld Legends

Explore beautiful worlds in this pixel roguelike RPG

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Game Description

'The best warriors and fighters from various times and places are summoned to Asurendra's mirage.' They go through one trial after another, until they eventually face the long buried secret of this realm...

Otherworld Legends is a pixel roguelike action RPG. You are the hero we have been looking for. You will be able to do the following here:


  • Visit lovely otherworlds such as quiet bamboo grooves, zen patios, magnificent subterranean dungeon tombs, and dreamy mirage palaces.
  • Heroic masters with a fierce temper and overpowering might.
  • Gather unusual and amusing things and experiment with various combinations to create the best build.
  • Every game is an exciting experience, thanks to the randomly generated dungeon world.


  • Simple Control: Super simple control for a punchy battle! A super combination is only a tap away.
  • Distinctive Heroes: You can choose from a variety of heroes, each with their own fighting style. Melee, range, and magic are all options. Archer, knight, and expert of kung fu. You can always have a cup of tea.
  • A Wide Range of opponents: A wide range of opponents, bosses, and scenarios, from towering knights to dumb charming critters like zombies and ghosts. Crawl the dungeon and engage in combat!
  • Countless Builds: Collect a plethora of things that provide various perks. Mix and mix things to create your ideal item builds. Investigate the item combinations that are best suited to your combat style.
  • Randomly Generated Dungeons: Get ready for all the surprises and adventures that the roguelike world has to offer, including random opponents, secret rooms, and hidden shops. Battle mysterious bosses, gather plentiful prizes, raid the dungeon, and become the ultimate hero.
  • Assisted Control: With a few taps, you can easily target foes and execute spectacular combos.
  • Exquisite Retro Pixel Art: A one of a kind blend of 2D and 3D retro pixel art styles, as well as stunning hand drawn animations.
  • Online Play: Multiplayer mode is available. Co op with up to four buddies from afar to combat monsters shoulder to shoulder!
  • Play Offline: No Internet? Not to worry. Single players can also enjoy offline battles at any time and from any location without the need for an internet connection.

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