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Origami Paradise

Fill your world with all kinds of inticate origami animals!

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Game Description

Unlock sakura themed animals, decorations, and bonuses. Make your island a sakura filled paradise.

The art of folding paper into various creatures and objects is known as origami. Origami Paradise, an idle game in which you bring the world of origami to life, is inspired by this delicate form of art! Fill your world with a variety of exquisite origami animals. Select the paper, paint, and embellish each origami animal to your liking. Arrange and construct your animal habitat, then observe how your creatures interact with their surroundings.



  • Fill your universe with a variety of exquisite origami animals.
  • Use our powerful customization system to select the paper, paint, and add stickers to each origami animal.
  • Fill your world with various critters and natural surroundings.
  • Each animal will interact with their environment in a unique way.
  • Extend your world by gaining access to new habitats and islands.
  • There are special uncommon animals concealed on each island. Can you discover them all?

Explore the allure of origami!

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