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Game Description

OneState is the world's first role playing game with an open universe and 500+ players online on a single map! In OneState, you can forge your own path!

The map may contain more than 500 people! When the entire city is occupied by real people, it creates an entirely new gaming experience! Immerse yourself in this life simulator with limitless gameplay options.


Mode of Play:
Choose whether you want to be a cop, a soldier, a businessman, or a worker. There are numerous exciting quests awaiting you. Meet new friends and potential adversaries in voice chat.

Massive Open Map:
A comprehensive game world with numerous distinct locales. Los Angeles awaits you directly in the game! Explore the free world with your friends and other internet players in real time.

In the factions, there are only actual players with unique gameplay! Play cooperatively with your pals. Take on the role of a cop and execute the law!

Earn money, barter with other players, start a business, acquire real estate, and improve your reputation. There are many possibilities in OneState RP. This role playing game gives you complete freedom to do whatever you desire.


Cars to suit every taste. Purchase them, adjust them to your liking, and then drive around with your crew!

Follow the OneState life simulator updates since we are always updating our RolePlay game! Thank you so much for your input. It will help us improve this online game!

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