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Omega Strikers

Get ready to score goals & smash your opponents in this lightning quick 3v3 footbrawler!

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Game Description

In this lightning fast 3v3 footbrawler, smash opponents off the arena and score goals. As one of more than 15 gorgeous Strikers, sling slimes, chuck tofu, and rocket boost to victory. To become an Omega Striker, form a team with friends and outperform your opponents.

No Match Plays the Same


Blast, bounce, and bullrush your opponents into the map's frantic and electrifying hazards. On the Oni Village map, sprint at breakneck speed while avoiding a swirling gravity well on Atlas's Lab.

Play in Your Own Style

Earn credits to unlock new Strikers with incredible abilities. Create your own playstyle with Trainings, then customize your appearance with skins and emotes.


Major Seasonal Updates

Omega Strikers will continue to expand as each new season introduces new Strikers, new stages, new unlockables, and new ways to play.

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