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Octopath Traveler: CotC

Embark on an amazing adventure and experience an immersive fantasy world

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Game Description

Square Enix has officially licensed this game. A new installment in the well known Japanese pixel strategy game series.

The latest mobile title in the famous pixel brand IP series 'OCTOPATH TRAVELER' tells a new adventure set on the continent of Orsterra.


Players will embark on adventures and immerse themselves in an immersive fantasy world produced by the beautifully crafted 3D pixel art scenes, HD2D, and the solemn, majestic background music, as they progress through several plot stories that are either heavy, warm, or happy.


Rings infused with divine power can be found on the continent of Orsterra. Three of the rings fell into the hands of three evildoers, who used the rings to satisfy their aspirations for wealth, power, and renown, eventually becoming the tyrants who rule this continent. Their insatiable appetite threw the once peaceful continent into disarray.

You will become the 'chosen one of the ring' and go on an adventure, battling the masters of riches, power, and fame on this continent rapidly being corroded by darkness. During the adventure, meet travelers from eight various vocations and invite them to the journey to combat the evil powers together!



  • Taking the gameplay of the OCTOPATH TRAVELER series and turning it into another JRPG legendary masterpiece. The title has an elaborately developed primary plot, classic turn based fights, and a superb ambiance of a 'solo immersive RPG', allowing you to enjoy a full console gaming experience on your phone.
  • Enhancing pixel art to create a 3DCGfantasy world. The visuals maintain the previous title's HD2D pixelfantasy approach, merging 3D CG visual effects with pixel art to present an intriguing game world.
  • Form an 8 person squad and strategize tactical fighting combos with 8 different jobs. Warrior, Dancer, Merchant, Scholar, Apothecary, Thief, Hunter, and Cleric are the eight jobs available in the game. Each position has distinct data and qualities. Based on their particular preferences, players can form an 8 person squad with various jobs for fight.
  • Three main narratives provide an immersive experience in the fateful voyage of the Chosen One. The protagonist, chosen by the heavenly ring, is destined to battle the bad ones and bring the continent back to harmony. 'Wealth', 'Fame', and 'Power'. Which story would you choose to start your journey?
  • Unique Path Actions that allow you to obtain extra resources for your journey from NPCs. In towns, you can get numerous in game resources by asking NPCs for information, purchasing stuff from them, or even hiring them.

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