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NU Carnival

A relaxing, BL life simulation game for mobile

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Game Description

Long ago, to quiet the elemental spirits spreading havoc over the Klein Continent, Grand Sorcerer Huey put elemental jewels capable of regulating nature on five altars and protected them with magical seals. Every decade, Huey would lead his clan members to the altars to keep the gemstones safe. Huey disappeared twenty years ago. With no one to monitor the gemstones, the balance was gradually broken, resulting in natural disasters and the spread of the Dead Zones. That's when Huey's familiars brought the main character from another realm, Eiden.

Eiden, upon arriving on the Klein Continent, takes over the mission of the Grand Sorcerer who has disappeared. He learns to govern his essence, as Huey does, and engages in 'intimate exchanges' with clan members, attempting to grab essence, in order to free the neon gemstone's seal and restore its power.


NU: Carnival is a BL life simulation game for mobile.

The game's animated figures provide an immersive experience, while Japanese voice actors bring the more than 10 characters to life, full of emotion. Exclusive events allow players to experience intimate storylines. Explore a new world and excite your clan members!

Sign contracts with clan members to have delightful times with captivating characters.
You can choose a favorite character to appear on your home screen. A valiant knight, a helpful priest, a powerful lord, and a perplexing fox yokai... Each clan member has their own major story chapter and subsidiary stories to help flesh out their characters. Exclusive events allow you to get clan members with unique attire and participate in interesting narratives. Set out on an adventure across the Klein Continent with new allies!

A cast of outstanding voice actors is a feast for the eyes and ears.
NU: Carnival features a cast of notable Japanese voice actors who bring out the characters' distinct characteristics. Their voices, combined with gorgeous music and moving situations, will immerse you in a dramatic audio experience while you engage in private conversations.

A show of animated characters: touch and observe the various moving poses.
The game's characters are all animated. Touching the characters in different areas causes them to react in surprising ways. You may even customize how much of the characters' clothing is revealed for an immersive experience that combines sight, music, and touch. Depending on the characters' rarity, their attire becomes more luxurious, and their discussions become richer when birthdays, events, and closeness occur, creating a strong sense of companionship.


Exclusive intimate and interactive moments that will make you blush and skip a beat.
Give presents in the Temptation system to increase your familiarity with the characters! Reach milestones in your relationships to unlock unique narratives for each character. SSR characters will perform in ever more intimate settings. The primary character, Eiden, is adaptable and has plenty of room to form emotional attachments. Each character has a private story, allowing you to fulfill your dearest desires with the clan members. The deep interactions create a sensation of presence that will make your heart skip a beat.

A improved fighting system lets you engage in exciting fights with multiple formations.
NU: Carnival is a turn-based RPG. Choose up to five characters to construct a squad that best matches your playing style, then use type matchups and character skills to win. As your teammates are hit in battle, their clothing gradually crumbles, and their faces and voice lines alter, adding to the drama of the engagements. Do you wish to fight your heart out in a new world? High-difficulty stages and unusual game modes appear from time to time, waiting for you to rise to the occasion!

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