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Ninja's Creed

A powerful sniping experience with various types of assassin weapons

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Game Description

Ninja's Creed is a free and entertaining 3D real sniper assassination game with a variety of assassination weapons. You will have a real powerful shooting experience as well as top notch 3D graphics. You must conceal your identity, assassinate supreme leaders of criminal forces, or disrupt underground negotiations in order to become the ruler of each territory! Crush all of them! It's the No. 1 shooting game with Ninja Assassin characteristics. Lock on the target and kill the evil with an arrow to become the city's unseen protector!



  • Track down targets, interrupt underground transactions, and perform assassination assignments.
  • Use the Eagle Eyed to lock on to the target.
  • Help the organization eliminate adversaries to get your bounty.
  • Eliminate criminal leaders and put an end to evil in the city.
  • Rule territories, protect citizens, and collect the taxes you are due.
  • Claim your awards and purchase powerful weaponry.
  • Unlock the talent system and improve your talents.


  • Epic shooting game with ninja assassin aspects for free! It is completely free to play!
  • Top notch game graphics, gorgeous 3D characters and maps, and breathtaking slow motion shooting.
  • Experience the actual ninja assassin's profession with excellent game design and level design.
  • The first person perspective and slick motion animation provide an action packed experience.
  • Build your armory with a range of strong weapons such as bows and arrows, twin crossbows, hidden weaponry, and so on.
  • Rich gameplay and modes, including the main tale, hunting list, daily duties, dominator, armed confrontations, bounty hunter, and others. You're not going to quit playing.
  • Using Eagle Eyed will assist you in locking targets in missions.
  • Unlock talent to boost skills and assassination strength.

The development team brilliantly merged a range of aspects, such as ninja assassin, action shooting, and created Ninja's Creed, a unique action shooting assassination game. It is simple to play, thanks to the new arrow deceleration special effect technology, which provides a unique shooting experience each time you shoot. Ninja's Creed is the first person bow and arrow shooting game that you were expecting. As a ninja shooter, you must not only have shooting abilities, but you must also have formidable weapons to increase your strength. Except for the gun, we chose a different weapon this time, and you will have a unique gaming experience. Choosing the proper weapon for each assignment will help you complete the mission faster! Aim for the target and become the area ruler!

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