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Ninja Assassin

Be quick, be silent, be a Ninja Assassin!

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Game Description

Go after your adversaries! Learn to be a true stealth expert, ninja cat style. Enjoy intense action, several levels, and ambient music. Now is the time to play this hunter assassin game!

Do you prefer shooter or stealth games? Let's play a hunter assassin game in Ninja Cat style and become the ultimate assassin!


Play as a ninja cat assassin and track down your prey. Stay hidden, be faster and smarter than your targets, and go after them one by one.

Be cautious, your woof opponents have automatic machine guns and are on the hunt for you! Escape without being noticed and wait for the appropriate moment to attack them.

Be bold! Don't let yourself be hunted by hunters. Only the most astute hunters or assassins will emerge as the genuine heroes of assassin games.


After eliminating your target, you will be rewarded with gems, precious bleeding diamonds. Make good use of them to transform your kitty hunter assassin into a true Ninja Cat Assassin master!

Ninja Cat Assassin is an excellent killer hunting stealth game. It is a completely free shooting game with several levels that allows you to become a true legend of assassins in the ninja cat world!

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