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Ninja Arashi 2

Take part in Arashi's journey into the shadows to save his son

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Game Description

Experience Arashi's journey into the shadows to save his son.

Ninja Arashi 2 builds on the success of the previous Ninja game.


In episode 2, you play as the raged Arashi, who eventually escapes the freezing prison built by Dosu, a cruel, terrible shadow demon. Arashi pursues Dosu in order to save his son and reveal the shadow underlying Dosu's scheme. The trek, however, will be even more difficult this time.

Ninja Arashi 2 is basic yet addictive gameplay that will provide you with thrilling moments and unexpected adventures. The RPG components allow you to level up your ninja skills and go further into the game mechanics.



  • A difficult platformer
  • Story mode with four acts and 80 stages to complete
  • The addition of a melee weapon
  • Implementing new mechanics
  • A completely redesigned skill tree system
  • A completely new artifact system
  • Superior character management
  • Lovely graphics and scenery in the shadow silhouette style

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