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Journeying through a magical 13th-century European continent entices you to participate in a massive, chaotic conflict

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Game Description

Creation of the World

We built a new world where fiction and reality collide in 13th-century Europe, a time when magic is still prevalent. Everything collides and battles in the countries of medieval Europe: light vs darkness, oppression versus revolt, oppression versus day, and night versus day. Immerse yourself in the most lifelike representation of the European continent thanks to Unreal Engine 5.


Way of Life

The character in an RPG becomes an alternate 'you'. The days of depending solely on chance and good fortune are long gone. Your organization will expand and fly to achieve the missions assigned as a Night Crows member thanks to your time and work, as well as the promotions and advancements based on your choices. That is the lifestyle and growth system that NIGHT CROWS are so keen to adopt.

Soar High

The sky, the land, and everything in between will now all be turned into a battleground. Using 'Gliders', players in NIGHT CROWS on the European continent can now use the sky as an additional stage. Gliders in NIGHT CROWS provide a three-dimensional action experience that breaks away from flat-surfaced conflicts. Gliders enable gliding, hovering, and numerous techniques for combat by employing updrafts, going beyond the simple flight using elevation differences.

True Action

The realistic portrayal of the combat and the dramatic experience of growing in NIGHT CROWS heighten the intensity of the battle. Experience 'real action' that piques the senses by fusing the movements of monsters when they take damage with the unique hit impact of each class's weapon, which includes staffs, bows, two-handed swords, and one-handed swords.

A Massive Battle

The great war will start in God's name. With over a thousand participants, the Battlefront, which is based on inter-server technology, functions as a vast arena that transcends size constraints. Battlefront surpasses the current battle experience thanks to the addition of PVP skills tailored to each class, Gliders, and three-dimensional battlefields that make use of height variations. It is now through NIGHT CROWS that you will find yourself in the middle of a colossal battlefield of the European continent.


One Market

In the universe of NIGHT CROWS, everything becomes interconnected. The three servers are linked together by inter-server technology, and everyone on them will clash and fight for more rights and quicker development while collaborating and exchanging goods and services inside the networked economy known as 'World Exchange'. The universe of NIGHT CROWS is a single market where conflict and cooperation coexist.

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