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Nexus War

The end is near for Origin Star, and every race is battling fiercely in hopes of survival in the new age of terror

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Game Description

The Astra ripped through the sky and landed on Origin Star. Cities that were once thriving have been completely destroyed.

Origin Star is nearing its demise, and all race are fighting for survival in the coming age of terror.


You were chosen by fate, so you must act now. Raise your army and seek out the most powerful heroes from Origin Star's four race: Humans, Izans, Aokus, and Theias, and unite them all to destroy the invaders of your home planet. Return the Origin Star to its former grandeur!


Freely explore the open world and uncover the mystery of the Origin Star.
Discover the truth about this world through relics and secret treasures spread over the monster infested plains. Meet the Origin Star residents, as well as the planet's four ruling race. Navigate through global falsehoods and conflicts to provoke or prevent war. Annihilate the Astra and give the survivors new hope.

In depth Strategic Battles
Command dozens of unlockable heroes from all race. Personalize your army with infantry, artillery, and tank units. Direct your army into the unknown, plot against your adversaries, or conquer them with military might. Seek and destroy other players, collect resources, occupy fortresses, and form alliances. Experience the most amazing real time war right now!


Build, Design, and Personalize Your City.
Personalize and plan your city with the four architectural styles available for each race. Build massive structures like as Titan Docks, Research Lab, Intelligence Building, and others to design your metropolis however you wish.

Take part in alliance battles and become the ruler of the origin star.
According to legend, the person who ascends the Infinity Throne has complete dominion and power over the globe. The Throne's unrivaled power allows you access to the rarest materials and technological advantages. Hunt down the fiercest monsters and overcome the most powerful coalitions. Earn the right to ascend the throne and rule Origin Star.

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